Bancassurance / Insurance Broker Solution (EZ Quote, EZ CRM, EZ BACK)


This solution includes three components

A. Portal for insurance – compare quotes and sell

B. CRM related to insurance – Follow up / Customer Care

C. Back Office process related to insurance – Work flow / commissions

It is a Proven Product – Has been in use for nearly 10 years

Can be customized to your requirements by feeding your partner companies’ products, features, premium, etc.

Ease Of Use – Our solution requires No Training – it is easy and intuitive to use


EZ-Quote: Online quote generating portal

This is an aggregator type insurance portal.



EZ-CRM: CRM system to manage online leads


CRM System – Retail

This CRM system allows us to capture all the customer leads who have contacted the company through various sources, that is, either through the mobile app, through online portal, SMS, phone call, etc. using the CRM system, the customer care employees can call the customers, give them premium quotes, close the sale, and dispose the leads.

Calls can be assigned, reassigned, tracked, and closed.

CRM System – Corporate

This Corporate CRM system allows us to capture all the corporate customer leads that are being managed by assigned customer relationship managers. In addition, using the CRM system, the employees can keep track of various stages of sales like, proposal, quote.

Calls can be assigned, reassigned, tracked, and closed.

EZ-Back: Back Office System

This work flow system allows in completing all the tasks between selling a policy to issuing the policy. Assigning policy number, capturing all the support documents, capturing the insured information, proposal form, storing the new policy, commissions to be expected from the sale, premium payment details such as cash, cheque, online debit card, credit card, etc.

Various management reports are drawn from the system as you can see. The system interfaces with the portal system, CRM system, mobile apps, etc. to capture the sale information.