With more and more of our systems as internet based applications, we are exposing our mission critical applications to various security threats.

Pegasus has experienced professionals who can help you plug the design, architectural and protocol level vulnerabilities, in addition to your infrastructure/cloud and web application vulnerabilities.

Our services as part of your Internal Audit exercise consists of:

  • Security Audit
  • Process Audit
  • Technology Audit
  • Software Asset Audit
  • Compliance Audit
  • Risk Based Audit
  • Internal Controls Audit

We work with our clients to ensure that their IT infrastructure is fully compliant from the security point of view.

We can also help our clients to rectify the aspects that lead to non-compliance. Our professionals have expertise in conducting Risk Assessment tailored to a specific context for the client. Our expertise spans across both Business and Technology Risk Assessments.

We offer services under Security Architecture & Penetration Testing which includes Cloud Security, Application Security, Network Security, Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery.

Our application security testing typically proceeds in 4 stages,

  • 1. Host and service enumeration
  • 2. Resource and content enumeration
  • 3. Application configuration and network communication discovery
  • 4. Manual testing of logins, credentials, sessions/cookies and application behavior
Our application security testing typically proceeds in 4 stages

Pegasus has developed a proven and time tested security testing methodology that prioritizes vulnerabilities according to risk and impact with precise recommendations for the same. If we identify critical vulnerabilities, we notify you immediately within 24 hours with actionable recommendations.

We assist organizations in establishing Optimized, Manageable and Secure Information Systems environment which include Application, Infrastructure, Process Improvement, Business Continuity, and Compliance with various regulations such as ISMS, ISO27001, CFR21, HIPAA, PCI-DSS and Data Management.

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