Software Systems Consulting

In any company, the software they have never meets the functions 100%. This is because the business environment undergoes changes often whereas the software can be built to handle those changes only to a certain extent.

It is important to keep the software functioning to suit the current environment at all times. Otherwise, you will find loss of efficiency, duplication of efforts, and will eventually end up spending more than what it would have cost you to keep the software up-to-date.

We are here to serve you. From resolving complex software development issues to strategic digital transformation, our software consulting service provides result oriented technical advises to businesses on almost all trending technologies.

Our consultants can help you in any of the below tasks:

  • Identifying and gathering business requirements
  • Architecting software solution
  • Helping with software development decisions – Develop internally V. outsource V. purchase product decisions
  • Developing required systems
  • Developing required interfaces
  • Coordinating workflow processes
  • Solving technical issues, process issues, security issues
  • Collaborating with external agencies
  • Documenting business requirements
  • Testing

We have experienced Professionals in this domain with a multitude of industry experience.

Security Consulting

We provide services in the internal audit space which includes Security Audit, Process audit, Technology audit, Software asset audit, Compliance audit, Risk Based audit and Internal Controls Audit. We work with the organizations to remediate the non-compliances.

We have expertise in conducting Risk assessment with reference to the Context of the Organization. Our expertise spans across both business and technology Risk Assessments and its management.

We offer services under Security Testing which includes Application Security, Network Security, Business Continuity .

We assist organizations in establishing Secure Information Systems environment which include Application, Infrastructure, process, Business Continuity, compliance with regulations and Data Management.