Quote Generation – For any Two Wheeler or Private Car or Commercial vehicles, be able to fetch the quote as per insurer’s premium rates. We can even fetch quotes from more than one company if the insurer would like to provide comparison. Using the app, an agent could refer to all the quotes he had given, all the sales he had made, and other vital information on the mobile itself.

Sell Policy – Our app is integrated with authorized third party payment gateways such as PayU. Customers can use their debit card, credit card or directly transfer from bank account using the Agents’ mobile. The agents can also send an SMS or email to the customer from the app if the customer would like to use his/her own smart phone or computer to make the payment

Vehicle Inspection – Our mobile app has camera built in where the agent can take photos of the vehicles (4 side photo, odometer, and photo of chassis no.) and upload the same to the server. When retrieving the quote to issue the policy, the photos also could be brought in. The photos will have time, date, and location stamp on the photo itself.

When we provide our mobile app, we can also work on the integration part. That is, integrating the mobile app to the legacy for further process.