To support business workflows and data exchange across several applications, companies need to integrate these applications. The main goal is to provide scalable and reliable data exchange between multiple applications with functions across multiple software packages with flexibility.

Integrations can happen for many reasons:

  • Integration of internet based E-Commerce, B2B, B2C solutions and mobile based solutions with back end.
  • Integration of new systems with existing ERP systems.
  • Integration due to mergers and acquisitions.
  • Integration due to re-engineering, BI, and more.

Almost all the companies are engaged in data integration/migration work one time or another. The need to keep up with the new technology and adapt quickly to operate in a dynamic business environment is a constant phenomenon. But, the data that companies have gathered over the years must be, forever, accessible and make sense

Most of these new systems will be implemented using the data of legacy systems, which leads to integration of these applications. Proper integration takes deep understanding and analysis of every data element to ensure that they are properly accessed, formatted and integrated; ensure data integrity is maintained at all times; one time processes that need to be run ; proper documentation, audit trail, etc. to be created to ensure the source of data is identifiable and many more steps.

At Pegasus, we have completed complex data integration projects and thus we can help companies complete such work