Pegasus Industries has worked on various functions of retail business. We have helped many companies with development of mobile applications, and web portals to provide a robust, customer friendly interface. These applications often connect with the core systems such as the grievance management system, CRM system, Core Banking System and Insurance quoting system. Here are few samples:

  • ✔    Our ecommerce application – aggregator style, and shopping cart style help any business to go online quickly. This online platform is supported with robust CRM system to provide end-to-end management of sales.
  • ✔    We have developed several mobile based applications – for bank customers, insurance customers, and special interest group customers. For example, our Mobile Based location tracking system was developed to track the persons who are technicians, delivery staff, sales people or just about anyone who is always on the move. Many functions are available with the tracking system. For example, ability to submit expense reports as and when it occurs help both the employees and management in tracking expenses.

In essence, our services and support team help the retail businesses to succeed by implementing various technology solutions at affordable cost. Our dedicated, skilled, and experienced members help to ensure that the quality and usability of our software meet your expectations and produce the results envisaged.

From pre-sales through implementation and support, our client service team are committed to ensuring the success of your retail business. Software support and services provided by our retail specialists include:

  • Software services and Support
  • Software as a Service (SaaS)
  • Hardware Solutions and Services
  • Solution-specific services, including Retail CRM, Loss Prevention, Reconciliation, Inventory management, etc.